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Rain on the border #1

Heart of wax #7

Nanetos Suite

Heart of wax #4

From Opera "Tina" - Overture

Heart of wax #3

Heart of wax #2

Heart of wax #1


Concert Music:

Orchestra & Ensembles


Since 1980 Centazzo has been writing for large ensembles culminating later in 1993 in a symphonic version of his "Cjant" and in 1994 in his "A Requiem for symphonic orchestra and 3 sopranos". "Heart of wax" was written as ballet music and is considered one of the best orchestral works of the composer.

Here you have a selection from that, a sample from "A requiem", the overture of his opera "TINA" and 2 more works for large ensemble



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All notes by Ann L. Mitchell

Photo by Linda Vukaj

Website design by Maurizio Zorzi

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